Creative Retreat at The Walled Off Hotel

West Bank, Palestine


Block9 returned to the West Bank in February 2018 to host a musical creative retreat with a difference. A twist on traditional, peaceful retreats for artists, this retreat aimed to stimulate creativity and cultural connection whilst taking inspiration from the surrounding geo-political landscape of Palestine. The clichéd chalet with open fire and mountain views was swapped for “the hotel with the worst view in the world” which sits in the shadow of the 25ft high concrete Israeli separation barrier.

A select group of recording artists from across the globe were invited to take part including: Brian Eno (UK), Mashrou Leila (Beirut), Black Madonna (US), Roisin Murphy (UK), Samir Joubran of Le Trio Joubran (Palestine), Akram Abdulfattah (Palestine), Eben Figueredo (UK). and FRED (UK).

You can hear the music here

"I felt lucky to be part of the Block9 Creative Retreat at The Walled Off Hotel, it represented the meeting of some unusual musical minds, delighting in each others’ differences. In a world where difference is increasingly seen as threatening, this is liberating. Anything we can do from our position of privilege in the west to lift the Palestinian cause feels like a good thing to do. Beauty is the best revenge." – Brian Eno