Lana Del Rey 2013

European Tour

April - June 2013

Block9 worked with award-winning US singer Lana Del Rey to design the stage set for her first European tour. Taking inspiration from the Paradise Edition of her album “Born To Die”, Block9 created a world steeped in faded Hollywood glamour, with a subtle contemporary edge. A backdrop of golden, art deco windows act to frame to the specially commissioned re-edits of videos from the album, and a crumbling grand piano houses two midi-keyboards. Bespoke period chandelier and lighting fixtures are fitted with programmable LED’s allowing them to be integrated into the show and a pair of hand-sculpted lions sit as guardians at the edge of the stage. Completing the scene are six real, taxidermy crows that have raided Lana’s dressing table – the stolen jewels in their beaks catching the light.